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Welcome to Hamachi Kita

Hamachi Kita sushi and Asian flare combine Halifax’s favorite sushi with Asian influence dishes at the historic Hydrostone market. Just like our other Hamachi restaurants this location focuses on the product freshness, which includes sourcing fish products locally and from abroad on a daily basis.

This quaint restaurant is a culinary haven for residents in the area with its unique food offerings. It combines the finest of Thai cuisine with our popular Japanese cuisine and offers a full service sushi bar with some selection unique to this location.

The atmosphere and decor in the restaurant has been created with an artistical and cultural passion to portray an underwater scene of the deep Asian oceans. A large mural painted by a local artist is a central focal point. The woodwork and craftsmanship have been done with a high level of detail, to make this small space very warm and welcoming.

Hamachi Kita is the first to combine Thai and Japanese Cuisines in Atlantic Canada. The Menu selections have been created by selecting the best of both worlds and offering it with flare. Most items on the menu are prepared with health conscious in mind, and also provide a selection of vegetarian dishes for the vegan consumer. The kitchen is an open concept setting, so you can see that the items prepared before you or so that you can ask your sushi chef for a special treat custom made for you.

Already receiving rave reviews this Hamachi location is a must visit!

Enjoy the exceptional!

Recent News

Hamachi Kita now offers new thai features daily!

Come by to experience a new authentic Thai special daily!

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