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Gift Certificates

Hamachi Gift certificates make a fabulous gift for that special person on any occasion. *They are available in any domination.

The Hamachi Gift certificate can be redeemed at any Hamachi locations.

Gift certificates are mailed to you directly, but may be picked up at any Hamachi location by calling in your order. Order online using the box to the right, or call any Hamachi location - scroll down for contact information and website links.

*Please note, online gift certificate denominations are in multiples of $25 up to $100. If you require a specific denomination that you are not able to select online - please call in to order.

Step 1 - The Details



Gift Certificates take 2-10 business days within Canada - if you require the gift certificate faster, please call in your order now.

*Senders Name


*Senders Email


*Senders Phone Number


*Recipients Name

(May be the same name as sender)


Delivery Address

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