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Hamachi House Fine Japanese Cuisine

Welcome to Hamachi House on Morris St.

Halifax's highly acclaimed Hamachi House Fine Japanese Cuisine is re-creating the art of Japanese dining in Atlantic Canada.

Hamachi House is the first Hamachi Restaurant and was opened in the summer of 2001. Since inception, this restaurant has received multiple rave reviews from customers, local and international food critics. Hamachi Sushi has been awarded “the Best Sushi” locally for the past half decade. Many have said that this is the best sushi they have ever tried. These comments are made by customers who have travelled extensively around North America and the rest of the world. Enroute Magazine has claimed Hamachi House to be the “East coast's freshest sushi”. The perfect combination of seafood vegetables and rice, coupled with great service and a unique atmosphere, make Hamachi like no other.

Featuring downtown Halifax's "Freshest Fish and Seafood", we pride ourselves in sourcing only the freshest ingredients. Our master chefs slice and dice these delicacies and present them for you with such grace and beauty; it's a feast for the eyes.

Sushi delicacies are not the only fare at Hamachi House; we also have a full selection of Terriyaki, rice and noodle dishes, not to mention Tempura - a house favorite - all of this in an elegant serene setting in the heart of Halifax.

When designing the restaurant, extra care and passion was put in to creating an artistic, cultural and timeless space to compliment the top quality food offering. The dining room of this restaurant is acclaimed as a Halifax gem by many  customers in the Halifax Dining scene.

Come see why Hamachi House is chosen as the premiere place to go for Japanese cuisine in Halifax - a locale dubbed "Canada's Gateway City to the World."

Enjoy the exceptional!

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Hats off to chef Mar, he was great!

I was in your restaurant last week and I had an awesome sushi meal. Your waiter informed me to try the Toro Tuna because it is only in season for 3 months. So I tried it sashimi style because I'm an avid sashimi lover and it was the best fish I've ever had. Thanks for the intro to Toro Tuna. Also your sushi pizza is great. But the reason I was contacting you is that I'm from NB and a novice sushi maker and I wanted to know where your get your fish from because we are having a big sushi party during the holidays and I wanted to impress the people with some great sushi grade fish. I'm from around the Moncton area but I can't find any sushi grade fish.

Thanks for any info you can give me.

P.S. I've got to bring my family this winter to your sushi restaurant and also your Hamachi Steak House. I visited the Steak House the night before I was in the sushi restaurant and my experience was incredible. Hats off to Chef Mar, He was great.

Thanks for both experiences.